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Charge your laptop anywhere with this power-bank

Up to 60W power to charge your MacBook or other new laptops, streamlined design, auto-stop
function when it comes to charging for extra safety looks and feels great with an integrated lightning
cable. Do we need to say more?

This new and improved line of Power Banks has an intuitive design, high-quality materials, class-leading specifications, and a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) in-/output. Take one look at the XB3 series
and you can see all of the above with your own eyes, but what about USB-C PD?

USB-C Power Delivery

USB-C PD is designed to deliver data and power to all kinds of devices. Changes are, if you have a
new MacBook, you are utilizing USB-C. This means that you can not only fast charge (power delivery)
the iPhone and iPad wherever you go, but you can also charge your MacBook. No more fussing
around with your laptop charging cables, the XB3 Lightning series has got you covered.

Introducing four new models

The XB3 Lightning series currently consists of four products. The “Hubble” is humble yet powerful
Power bank featuring a 12W regular USB output, as well as a 15W USB-C in-/output with 6.000mAh
battery. Perfect for those on the go days. For a bit more power we’re introducing the ‘’Apollo’’ which
despite its compact design packs a powerful 18W in-/output that’s delivered through USB-C PD
(Power Delivery), as well as Quick Charge 3.0. Together with a 15.000mAh battery, you can charge
your iPhone up to 6x.

Want to be able to not only charge your iPhone? Look no further than the “Rover” a powerful 45W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) in-/output means that having this Power Bank in your bag allows you to charge your iPhone, iPad, and even your MacBook, everywhere you go. Thanks to the large 20.000mAh / 70Wh Li-ion battery you’re able to travel and work without ever having to worry about your batteries running low.

Last in line is the ever so powerful “Voyager” featuring a 26.000mAh/93.6Wh Li-ion battery and a powerful 60W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) in/output means you can charge your MacBook, iPad or iPhone multiple times.

Pioneer in technology and user-experience

Besides being a true pioneer when it comes to new technologies Xtorm values the user-experience
more than anything and with the XB3 Lightning series this shows. The result is a Power Bank that not
only delivers power when you need it the most but also looks great. Details like a rubberized finish
mean that the Power Bank feels great in-hand while being scratch-free. To top things off the XB3
Lightning series comes with integrated removable USB-C PD to lightning cables on the side of the
Power Bank making sure you can charge your devices, or the Power Bank itself, wherever you are.
Can’t wait to get your hands on this piece of fine technology? The XB3 Lightning series is available at
a retailer near you or online

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